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OGPlanet to launch first game in Europe - Gamers Get Ready to RUMBLE!

OGPlanet issued a press release saying that they are expanding their presence into Europe with the launch of casual Mixed-Martial Arts fighting game Rumble Fighter. This new and exciting prospect was covered by Jeux Video, a specialist gaming, testing and reviews site based in France. Jeux Video is the number one gaming site in France, and having over 482,000 unique visitors per month makes it an ideal place to target gaming enthusiasts with the launch of Rumble Fighter.


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OGPlanet annonce Rumble Fighters

Jeux Video is focused at video games for PCs, PS3, Nintendo 360, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP, and mobile phones. The site offers news , testings, hardware, last games, downloadings, and videos. Jeux Video is for all people interested in gaming and provides the latest information on all video games. 87% of readers are male, with 59% being ages 15-25.