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Myriad Joins Symbian Foundation

Myriad Group, a global leader in mobile technology with software in over 2 billion phones, today announced that it has joined the Symbian Foundation. This press release was selected for publication by Conjungo, a site which aims to unite technology buyers with suppliers. Conjungo is aimed at IT professionals and key decsion makers, making it a relevant website for Myriad to achieve coverage on.



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Myriad Joins Symbian Foundation
Conjungo means ‘to unite’ in Latin. This site aims to unite technology buyers with suppliers. They want buyers to be able to easily identify, select and evaluate the suppliers that are available worldwide. Conjungo do this by providing buyers with a fast, easy to use search tool that lists technology providers. Conjungo's website provides easy to use sections and search engines for buyers to find suppliers. The site also has news sections on topics such as IT, Internet and Software.