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High Street Heist: Shopper Revolt Against RRP to Save Money With Online Vouchers

VoucherHub conducted research with 1,400 British consumers and found that 50% are looking for cheaper deals online in order to save money this Christmas. The announcement was covered by PC Advisor, a site dedicated to PC-related news aiming at businesses and home PC users. PC Advisor is an excellent outlet for VoucherHub to gain coverage on as their target audiences are businesses whom the research’s finding’s will affect and end users looking to purchase their Christmas gifts online. 


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Half of Brits using e-vouchers for Xmas shopping
PC Advisor delivers buying advice, informed and easy-to-understand tutorials and workshops, as well as ground-breaking coverage of service-related issues. PC Advisor is for business and home PC users who want to buy the best-value equipment and make the most out of the equipment they already own. The PC Advisor website, launched in 1996, offers continuously updated news on all things PC-related – accessed via the website or through RSS feeds. There is a fully searchable and browseable database of thousands of hardware reviews giving expert guidance on product performance and value. Plus is the only dedicated UK PC site with access to the IDG global 24-hr technology news service. The most popular sections are News, Reviews, Forums, Blogs and Downloads.