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Twitter Makes Its Red Carpet Debut For Celebrities And Criminals

Barracuda Networks issued a report stating that only 21 percent of twitter users are “True Twitter Users”. This very interesting article was covered by Mashable, the largest blog in the world to focus entirely on web 2.0 and social networking news. Mashable is rated 3rd on Technorati in the top 100 blogs, and with over 3 and a half million unique users per month Barracuda can reach a large amount of twitter users who may be interested in their latest report. 



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The Truth About the Average Twitter User
Mashable is the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Networking news. With more than 5 million monthly page views, Mashable is the most prolific blog reviewing new Web sites and services, publishing breaking news on what’s new on the web. It ranks among the Top 100 blogs worldwide. Mashable properties include: My Mashable, an On-line Community/Social Network Marketplace, for jobs, websites for sale, events, and anything web 2.0, Invites: a community-driven invite site to exclusive private betas, Social Network Grid, which connects users to their friends on social networking sites.