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LG Optimus One Smartphone Hits 1 Million Sales Worldwide

LG announced earlier this week that its Optimus One smartphone hit one million sales just 40 days after its initial launch. The announcement was covered by Slashphone, a blog offering information on the smartphone industry. Slashphone is a good site for LG to achieve coverage on as it is both aimed at consumers who would be interested in the latest affordable smartphones on the market, as well as professionals interested in industry developments and trends.



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LG Optimus One Sales 1 Million Units In 40 Days
SlashPhone is a hip and influential resource for the latest in worldwide mobile phone news, reviews and industry innovations. When it comes to news, SlashPhone has a reputation for breaking it first. The site's team of seasoned professionals moves so fast that other major publishers and news organizations often turn to SlashPhone as a primary source of information. SlashPhone is aimed at the wireless professional and the mobile enthusiast.