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Flush Tracker – ever wondered where yours goes?

The World Toilet Organisation and Domestos have launched a Flush Tracker to help raise awareness of World Toilet Day (19 November). The purpose of World Toilet Day is to highlight the problems faced by 40% of the world's population who lack basic sanitation. An article about World Toilet Day was published on Edie, an online resource for environmental professionals covering the latest news and environmental issues from around the world. Edie is a great site for the World Toilet Organisation to achieve coverage on as it provides the perfect platform to promote World Toilet Day and make steps towards improving toilets and sanitation for the countries that need it.



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World Toilet Day highlights 2.5 billion living without proper sanitation
Edie (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange) is an online resource for environmental professionals, researchers and all those with an interest in green issues, bringing together practical information and in-depth yet accessible news.