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Frisbee Pro 2.0 brings digital dictation to smartphones

Earlier this week, me2me announced the availability of Frisbee Pro 2.0, a digital dictation app for smartphones. The news was featured on, the corporate and consumer website for the telecommunications company. The TalkTalk site is a good platform for me2me to achieve coverage on as it is read by a large audience of mobile phone users, across TalkTalks different service user bases, who may be interested in Frisbee Pro 2.0.



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Frisbee dictation app comes to iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows
TalkTalk is one of the leading fixed line voice and broadband telecommunications businesses in the UK. Its website offers its products to consumers, as well as providing up to date news and information on various topics from technology, health, travel, celebrities and more. TalkTalk has a vast audience all over the globe, who are primarily consumers looking for the latest news or telecom products.