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Fujikura Research Points to Fragmented European FTTH Market

Fujikura Europe has announced it will be looking for additional distribution partners in Europe ahead of ECOC 2011. Further news about their expansion into Europe can be read on Lightwave, a website which provides news and technical insights for optical communications professionals.



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Fujikura Research Points to Fragmented European FTTH Market
Lightwave focuses on fibre optics and optoelectronics, and the technologies driving the growth, convergence and improved performance of telephony, computer communications and video. The site has regular updates on fiber-related ancillary technologies such as lasers, optoelectronics, connectors, installation equipment, multiplexers, cross connects, switches, routers, and hubs, designed for use in fibre-optic communications networks.  Lightwave is predominantly read by managers from the fibre-optic and communications manufacturing, service and end-user communities.