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Swine Flu Hulbee

Clouds Gather Over Google With Hulbee Launch

Hulbee issued a press release to announce their launch by Swiss software company Grossbay AG. Hulbee is a new internet search application which aims to challenge the likes of Google by providing users with their search results in the form of a data cloud, rather than a long list of results pages. Hulbee achieved a good piece of editorial coverage on Webuser, a dedicated online magazine for internet users. Webuser boasts an impressive 550,000 unique monthly visitors to their site, making it an influential website on which to achieve relevant coverage for Hulbee. The article included an image as well as a link to the Hulbee website.



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Hulbee search engine targets Google

Webuser is the UK’s best selling Internet Magazine and is aimed at those with an interest in the internet, and is the only internet magazine written from a consumers’ perspective. Webuser has 2 million page views per month and an online membership of 25,244. They also have over 10,000 subscribers to their monthly email newsletter. Webuser is aimed at both consumers and industry professionals and its readers consist of 71% Males and 29% Females.